+ About Dr. Mirpury
Dr. Sunil Purshotam Mirpury

Dr. Sunil Purshotam Mirpury grew up in a business family spending most of his childhood during the 1960's and 1970's amongst struggling non-resident Indians making a mark for themselves as well as their country. Sunil obtained his medical degree in the 80s following which he worked in various medical centers in and around Mumbai with many Consultants and fellow practitioners for three odd years. Later, Dr Mirpury set up his Consulting chambers in Mumbai, India.

He was ably joined by his wife, Dr. Mrs. Symran Mirpury who was awarded her medical degree around the same time from Mumbai.

Dr. Mrs. Symran along with Dr Sunil have created a positive identity for themselves over the last twenty years across different segments of society, fellow doctors, and many Indians settled all over the globe.

Over the years, although Dr. Mirpury's practice has swelled, it created one problem – many times Dr Mirpury is not easily contactable by patients and patrons. Being frequently faced with this situation, Dr. Mirpury wishes to address the same and drmirpury.com is an endeavour in this direction.


Well, ENTER the good wishes, co-operation, and valuable inputs of a world wide circle of health and lifestyle seeking netizens along with existing patrons and patients in God's wonderful creation.

All this put together we now create the path where technology bridges the distance and brings us in one chamber of Consultants to discuss, Consult and manage all our medical and health related issues, plus more, 24 by 7.

Good Morning, Everyone!